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Small Beginnings Preschool
* Great things come from small beginnings *
Since 1992
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Small Beginnings Preschool
offers a home visit prior to school commencement. This visit
is approximately ten minutes in length. Its purpose is to help the child get to know the
teacher in a familiar environment. The visit is mainly social, if you have any concerns
about your child or the program we will be glad to discuss these points at another time
when your child is not present.

The first scheduled class (a shortened session) is the time when parents or caregivers
attend the school with their child. Activities are planned for your involvement. These
activities are designed to familiarize your child with the centre and introduce you to
other parents and children in the class.

Monthly newsletters and calendars communicate the activities of the preschool, themes,
field trips and special events. Please check the parent bulletin board and website on a
regular basis. Here you will find information about communicable diseases reported
within the preschool, along with current community events of interest to parents and

We can work more effectively with your child by maintaining open ongoing
communications with you. Parent teacher conferences are a routine part of our program,
and does not mean that your child is having problems in the classroom. The conference
is a time for parents and teachers to exchange thoughts and ideas as well as a
progress report from the team of teachers on all aspects of your child's development.
Arrangements can be made to communicate with us on an individual basis when-ever a
need arises. Please let us know if there are any unusual stresses or changes in your
child's life or if his/her behaviour concerns you. This allows us to maintain a consistent
supportive approach to your child's needs. Feel free to call either teacher at home, week
nights between 7:00 - 9:00pm.

We have a strong commitment to our professional philosophy and believe it is of no
value unless put into practice on a daily basis.

We look forward to getting to know you and your child and working together toward a
successful and happy preschool experience.