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Small Beginnings Preschool
* Great things come from small beginnings *
Since 1992
At Small Beginnings we have an open door policy for parents. You are welcome to drop
in any time to observe your child in the program.  Parent volunteers are needed for field
trips and welcome on special days (i.e.: Halloween, Christmas, etc.). Drivers must carry
a minimum of $2,000,000.00 third party liability insurance and a seat belt for each child.
We can all learn and enjoy from your skills and hobbies. If you would be willing to come
in and share your interests with us arrangements can be made. Parents who wish to
assist in the classroom can make arrangements with the teacher.

Our liability insurance covers the children only when they are in a school session, not on
the way to or from school.

Please dress your child in clothing suitable for play and appropriate for the weather. We
will try to spend time outdoors each day. Be sure all outer clothing (jackets, boots,
shoes, hats, sweaters etc) have names on them to prevent loss or confusion. Your child
may wear shoes in the classroom so slippers are not necessary. If boots are worn to
school please send along indoor shoes or runners.
Gym days require children to bring

As our program is designed for the safety and security of all, earthquake and fire drills
are practised monthly. Emergency supplies (1st aid kit/non-perishable food and boiled
water) are stored both within the preschool room
and in coordination with the school.
The preschool will take necessary steps to obtain emergency medical aid if warranted.

We ask that you pack a light, nutritious snack for your child (fruit, vegetables, cheese &
crackers -
no gum or sweets) clearly marked with your child's name. You may pack a
drink for your child, however water is available. It should also be noted that
we are a
peanut free center

Several times throughout the year we will have a special cooking day with the children.
The school will provide everything for this activity. The children do not need to bring a
snack on this day.