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Small Beginnings Preschool
* Great things come from small beginnings *
Since 1992

We recognize parents to be the most important people in children's lives. We believe
that close relationships with children result in rewards, satisfaction, and joy which are a
source of personal energy to be shared with others. Our focus is not on how well your
child can count, colour and cut, but rather, to help your child feel confident in his abilities
to create, explore and have fun.

We believe that the purpose of Early Childhood Learning is:

  • To provide every participating child with optimum opportunities to develop
    physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.
  • To build confidence, independence and self esteem while recognizing the needs,
    wishes and rights of others.
  • To learn understanding of those different from ourselves and to enjoy these
    differences along with the similarities we share.
  • To develop a spirit of enquiry and the skills for creative learning, natural growth
    and self-expression in socially acceptable ways.

We believe that children learn best when provided with:

  • A secure, healthy physical and emotional environment.
  • A challenging curriculum which includes choice of activities, free-play and time for
    sharing thoughts and ideas.
  • Adequate time for investigation and spontaneous learning to take place.
  • Unstructured, open-ended activities stressing the process more than the product.
  • Sensitive direction toward developing the individual child to his or her fullest
  • Guidance and modelling of positive behaviour and attitudes from caring adults.
  • A teaching staff who promote the natural development of learning and
    understanding through their enthusiasm and creativity and who treat children as
    the feeling, thinking individuals they are.